Double entendres

Ok. After a huge debate with several of my fellow intellectual dorky friends we still cannot agree on the terms around a double entendre. Is it really that the term was developed exclusively to describe an accidental sexual reference? I find that hilarious and quite contradictory to our tight ass disciplined christian rooted society. I mean how often did that have to happen before they decided to term it a part of speech? Or is it possibly not a part of speech and just one of those add on slang definitiions? Also my friends and I debated over whether the words itself had to imply a sexual reference or if a double entendre could refer to an action that was sexual.

My friend David’s example, for instance, was about the olympics ice skating duo. The commentator said something about the woman making a smooth movement throught the legs and… something or other… and that the man was perfectly stiff in etc etc. Would that count? Do i make sense? if not it’s because I dont quite get it.

Hi missinquisit,

If something is in your mind/on your mind then anything anybody says can be interpreted in any way you like. Can I suggest you get out more?