dormitory VS hostel

Which word native speakers use when they talk about the dwelling of the students who study in the same college dormitory or hostel?
As far as I’m concerned hostel can be used not only by students, it’s smth like a cheap hotel. I think that dorm is better, am I right?

I’ve heard both.

Which one do you use?

Because of my own experiences of student accommodation many years ago:

Dorms for shared rooms; hostels for blocks of single rooms with shared bathroom facilities.

If the students just share a room without kitchen and fascilities, is it a dorm?

I don’t know. I suspect it depends on what the university/college authorities wish to call it.

But authorities will call it in Ukrainian, and I need English word. It is общежитие in Russian and гуртожиток in Ukrainian. How shall I find a right word, dict gives both, are both OK?

Both are fine as far as I am concerned. That’s probably why the dictionaries give both.

OK, thank you.
No more questions.