Don't versus Doesn't

Hello! How are you?

I have listened to many singers whose
lyrics have got ‘doesn?t’ instead of ‘don?t’
for the third person of singular. Why?

Is that right?

I remember now one Madonna?s song:

‘Love don?t live here anymore’

She is not really English but I know, and I don?t
remember at this very moment, some of
these singers are native speakers.

Thanks indeed!


Hi! It?s me again!

Sorry, I meant ?dont?instead of ?doesn?t

:shock: :shock:


Hi Jesus

You sometimes hear “He don’t”, “She don’t”, “It don’t” in informal colloquial English. It is not standard (“proper”) English.

The lyrics in popular music are often written in a very informal (or slang) style of English.


It’s even more impressive to hear when in Perfect Participle natives speaker use Past tense instead of Past Participle.

We’ve did it.

:lol: :shock: :lol:

Hi Tamara

What?!? :shock: Do you mean to tell me there’s actually somebody in England who doesn’t speak perfect English? And here all this time I thought it was just us colonials who messed things up… :lol:

Shall I try to outdo you? What do you think of this “interesting” construction:
I done did it.

An English teacher’s nightmare… 8)


Hi Amy :slight_smile:

Yes, yes… The real life is far from grammar books and even from forum’s dialekts :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: … but what about your daydream? :slight_smile:
(…‘vision without action’ vs. ‘action without vision’…)