Don't pull the chairs about, boys!

“Don’t pull the chairs about, boys!”
Is this sentence correct?
What does it mean?

“pull about” means drag roughly (or handle roughly), possibly so as to mess up, disorganise or damage.

“Don’t drag the chairs roughly, boys!”
Is this sentence OK?

Yes, it is possible.

Hi Alifathima you know I am not the right person to assist but I will try in your case. Perhaps, you will hear from the tutors.

Dont pull the chair about. Is not a bad expression. It means the chair is being pulled from one place to the other. But it could be clearer to say:

1.Don’t “drag” the chair about boys!

“Don’t drag the chair about, boys!”
Is this sentence OK?

Yes (note that “chairs” has been changed to “chair”).

“Don’t drag the chairs about, boys!”
Is it not correct if I change ‘chair’ into ‘chairs’?
What is the grammatical reason?

Both “chair” and “chairs” are possible.

The reason I commented on it was that Ebenezer changed “chairs” to “chair” for no obvious reason. I didn’t mean that “chairs” would be incorrect.