Don't mess with the Russians

I think one of the facts that many Germans have no clue about is that Russia’s military power is several times that of Germany. As a matter of fact, in military terms Russia alone might be as powerful as NATO all together.

Don’t mess with our step father, and step mother, too. You know?

Don’t even think about it. lol.

We have a saying ‘before you beat the dog, look at the face of his master’. Hee hee.

Have fun!

Oh, we are precious little step sons, and step daughters with lots of gas, natural resources, oil potentials and hella important and strategic ‘political and military location’ in south east Asia. And we are also the pets of every superpower now.

I don’t think there are any “super powers” any longer. Instead, we are living in a much more balanced world than 40 or 30 years ago. Small countries now have the opportunity to gain power through developing and promoting technologies and offering services to other countries.

TOEIC listening, talks: A young man calls up regarding an advertisement

How can any living person not know the size and power of Russia’s military? This has been common knowledge for many decades. Who would ever think it’s the same size or smaller than Germany’s? That’s crazy!

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Russia’s military power might be greater than Germany’s but they will never use it on us so it’s in a way a waste of resources. They’d better get their economy in shape and start producing some useful stuff.

They may use it on you someday. You don’t know what kinds of reasons some future potentate may concoct.

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Jamie, for the rest of your time you will not see Russia use its military force against Germany or any other EU country. The Russians may have a massive chip on their shoulder, and they are clearly decades behind in developing their democracy. But the Russians are certainly not stupid.

I agree. Much more we experience that Russians have learned that military power is nothing compared to economical power. Europe is the best proof for that.

Ps. Thanks Torsten, for your welcome lately

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The Russians aren’t dumb, but they can select crazy leaders who may wind up trying to reconstitute their empire and more. This will probably not happen under Putin, but it’s anybody’s guess what will follow him. They have had leaders in the past who killed 10 million people in Ukraine, who occupied Czechoslovakia to prevent them from reforming, who backed genocide in various other countries. You can’t tell the future with any certainty about any country.

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I wonder if only the Russians are at risk to vote for crazy leaders.

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Unfortunately, it has happened under Putin and won’t stop until Putin is gone and even then there’s no guarantee that Russia won’t descend even further into fascism: