Donkey bridge?


Sometimes when people happen not being able to keep something in mind they help themselves with an loop way.

For example: from any resason you can´t keep the word “earthquake” in mind you might think this:

-the first syllable of the searched word is what you are standing on: the ground … that possibly leads you to what we are rambling on : the earth

  • the second reminds you to how frogs do sound: quack

With the help of this connections you suddenly remember the word earthquake.

In Germany such behave is called “constructing a donkey bridge”! :smiley: Sounds silly, doesn´t it? But once in while it helps though. Now, my question is: is there an English expression containing a similar meaning?

Thanks in advance


Hi Michael,

Sounds fascinating. I think the expression ‘donkey bridge’ should be adopted into the language forthwith. All I can come up with is a rather lame (no pun intended) word and that’s mnemonic. I remember being told that the two words ‘sho me’ was an easy way to recall the names of the Great Lakes in North America. I found this method useful also when making a speech/talk in public. I would think in advance of a word where each letter represented a particular point and off I would go.


Hi Michael

There really isn’t any expression in English that is half as much fun as the German ‘Eselsbrücke’. People use a variety of things for that idea in English:

  • mnemonic
  • memory trick/aid/help

Hi Amy,

My dictionary says that “pony” is another expression used by Americans meaning “mnemonic”. Is that true?[YSaerTTEW443543]

TOEIC short conversations: Clarifying information on an invoice[YSaerTTEW443543]

I’ve heard that people supposedly use the word ‘pony’ in a similar way, but I’ve never actually heard anyone use it that way myself.