dog eat dog

I met steelnlace at the neighborhood pub

That sells jungly shite beer

Hella expensive to me, for a mug of shite beer, 50 cent a mug and shitey

But the say gold medal beer, Yuke yuke.

Where the hell are those talk a lot consumer protection gurus I saw on TV.

Oh, forget that.

Steelnlace is a tall, dark and handsome guy 60ish now.

Kidnda nice guy with full of brains.

And quite humorous, he said,

I say, look bro, what happening on earth is kinda dog eat dog story

I’ve been Sinking seriously that if they consume a lot each other

Me n you will starve to death as our daily food is only grilled
Dog meat and Shite beer.


I hope you like my short n sweet essay.