Does it happen to you?

Hi All,
Today I feel extreally sad. My company declared paycut and job cut today. They said they want to cut two people from team. Nobody is aware who is going home. I feel extreamly gulty, I kept thinging who are they and I still pray to god that I should not be the one who willl go home. I do not need this job for money but I need it for my marriage. If I loose job I have to go back to my country and my spouse has very bright carrier here in USA.

I feel extremly gulty while praying to god for my job security.

Does it happen to you ?

Good morning Icy, I am so sorry to hear of your predicament. It is a shame when all of your team are prepared to work in your new country, unlike so many immigrants here in the UK & Germany.

Although I am British, I have lived in Germany for nearly ten years.

I love it here, and I’m sure I would also be devastated if I had to be told to go back to England.

I wish both you and your husband, Good Luck.


Thanks Kitos :slight_smile:
I couldn’t read your resent postings,but will come back soon :slight_smile: