Does "bear the meaning" sound natural?

Does “bear the meaning” sound natural?

i.e: “cold” also bear the meaning “without emotion; unfriendly”

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Nessie. :slight_smile:

No, Nessie, that does not sound particularly natural to my ear.
(In addition, to be grammatically correct, you would have to write ‘bears’.)

Thanks a lot, Amy,
So we never say “bear the meaning”? how about “have the meaning”? And is there any other ways of expressing this idea?

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Hi Nessie

You could say ‘bears the meaning’, but it’s not a common usage. You can also say ‘has the meaning’. You can also simply say ‘means’. :wink:

Depending on the broader context, you might say that something ‘suggests a meaning’ or that something ‘has/carries the sense of/that’, etc.