Do you think famous athletes and entertainers deserve high amounts of salaries?

Some famous athletes and entertainers earn millions of dollars every year.
Do you think these people deserve such high salaries?
Use specific reasons and examples.

Athletes and entertainers achieve their fame and earn millions of dollars because they work hard for many years, dedicate their lives to nation and give fame to their nation. Therefore, I think these people deserve such high wages in form of their success.

First of all, athletes and entertainers dedicate their lives’ many years to reach their goals. Athletes work out a lot to maintain their body. I recently watched a documentary on BBC’s news channel. A documentary was about a boxer who worked around 15 years to reach his goals in international boxing competition. He used to do exercise for 6 hours a day. He used to do part job as a boxer in local competitions as well. And because of his such long work out, he could not able to take care of his family. To reach at his professional goal, he dedicated his personal life. So once they have achieved their goal, they should be paid high to enjoy their life.

IN addition to achieve their goals , athletes and entertainers work hard to fulfill their fans hopes. For instance, last week I was watching Mr. Amitabh Bachhan’s movie, name called-Paa. In that he had to played a role of mentally ill- adult and to perform his role, he had to sit for make up around 6 hours. He is 75- years old actor and it is really difficult for him to sit and to do it every day till the shooting completes.He got famous for his role not only in my county but also in all over the world. However, he worked hard to play his role at the fullest. Therefore, I believe hard work should be paid off.

Lastly, Athletes and entertainers give fame to their nation. Famous entertainers and athletes makes their county to feel proud on them. Sports and entertainment are part of countries culture. They represents their skill at international level.

All in all, I personally think to be famous as an athlete and an entertainer, it takes a lot of efforts of a person. A famous person might have struggled many things and than only he would have reaches at such position. Hence, they should be paid high salaries.

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Hi Kattie, I think content-wise your first body paragraph was very good. But your intro and third body paragraph were really very scanty. Your writing was clear and you addressed the prompt well, but you did have quite a few errors in usage and sentence structure. I think this essay would score around the 3.5 level.