Do you snore?


Here is another huge demonstration of my daft questions, but I would really like to know how you would feel if someone told you that he/she had a sleepless night because of your snoring “aloud”. Although it is very natural, I am terrified of(?) the thought that I am snoring and my friend is lying next to me, staring at me helplessly and maybe cursing me for my terrible snoring.

Do you snore? Do you also feel embarrassed about it or deny it outright? Please share some of your thoughts with me.


PS: Her snoring embarrased the roar of the lion!

Hi Tom!

My wife sometimes claims I would, particularly when I had some alcoholic drinks at a party! Unfortunately, I always fall asleep before I do. So I can?t affirm that. :lol:


Ps.: Sometimes I feel disturbed when my wife does because then I can?t fall asleep! :wink:

Hi Tom :slight_smile:

Do you snore? :shock:

I think this question make anyone feel in shy :oops:

anyway I haven’t snored till now, but nobody know maybe I’ll snore after I get married :lol:

Because my wife she’ll tell me if I snore in my sleep. :wink:



Snoring occurs for two reasons
one is an inability to adjust to the different breathing patterns necessary for different stages of sleep
two is the change in your breathing due to some other factor i.e. alcohol, stress, coffee or smoking.

Those that claim they don?t are in denial.

Another interesting fact is that women do not snore as much because they adjust more naturally to the different patterns, stages in breathing that are necessary for sleeping . So guys it is a question of biology and modern living.

I do snore when I have had a long day or when I have drunk alcohol, but it is not too bad, yet. ; )

Hi gentlemen :wink:

I don’t know whether I snore or not but I know for sure that my being in a state of complete fatigue (days when I have to go out at 8.00 a.m. and come back at 11.00 p.m) can cause snoring.

I cannot say… I’ve never heard myself snore.


I am paranoid about snoring, however… especially on planes. As loud as a plane’s cabin is, I still wonder – upon waking up after a short nap – whether I was overpowering the noise from the jet engines.

jeez… ya know i thought my mom was aware that she snored… until a couple of nights before christmas i was wrapping presents in the floor and she’d fallen asleep on the couch, now mind you, i hear her snoring every night in her bedroom…

this eve on the couch there was no muffle through the walls and doors and it was uber loud. . .

so i wake her and tell her she’s snoring and to please go to her room…

she’s got an awesome temper and she got furious with me and told me i was lying!!!

holy crap was i shocked. i didnt understand the reasoning behind it at all… so just now i googled it and this popped up…

thought i’d share.

insane. i tell ya she’s insane.

the only way i believe is to record her and show her later. but would she believe it’s her then???

she thought she was breathing heavy … and her demonstration was far from the noises she was producing!



i mean… i get drunk and snore on occasion… and yes it’s embarrassing if someone points it out and pokes fun at it but i don’t think i’d evr just deny it as if that meant it weren’t there!

i’d want to take those steps to remedy the issue!

anyway… sorry to post script there but i’s just thinkin…

When my dad was very old, I had to sleep in the same room with him, in case he needed some help in the middle of the night. He was a big snorer. It never kept me awake when he snored, but if he STOPPED snoring, I would jerk awake immediately, jump out of bed and make sure he was breathing. He always was, but I was so worried that I had to check. But the noise he made didn’t wake me up – just the lack of noise.

I snore too, but so far no one has complained about it. I think snoring is funny, just like the hiccups, so I don’t worry about mine or anyone else’s.

yeah that makes sense! i tried to take the whole avenue with mom that it can be a dangerous thing b/c it means there’s some kind of blocked airway and you can take steps to work out the problem blahblah you could stop breathing blahblah

but she just denies!

i don’t get it.

I stay with friends and the fact is that i do snore :oops:
I do feel embarrased about it.
one more reason for snoring is when we have cold. The nose is blocked and we try to breathe through our mouth.
The worse part is, when i am travelling in a public transport, I cant sleep because i fear that i might start snoring.

Recently, i have started doing Yoga excercise like deep breathing and i found that it does help :slight_smile:

The first time I heard my roommate snore I felt the urge to strangle her! She usually sleeps in her own room but that one night we were hanging out, having some girl talk and she fell asleep with me. I woke her up and told her she snored. She just went back to sleep and snored again! I was really disturbed I went to kitchen and sat at the table to think what to do about it. What surprised me the most was that I didn’t know the snores could bother me this way! I finally understood why my mother gets very agitated when my father snores. I think it’s something about the sound, the whole arrangement of its element that makes it so unpleasant.

As for myself, I hope I don’t. So far nobody had ever told me that. But I have one flaw. When I am very, very tired, I moan in my sleep. It’s very loud sometimes it wakes me up. I started feeling conscious about it when I started having a roommate. But now I live alone, so I think I have ample time to correct that. And recently, my best friend heard me moaning for the first time, she thought I was having a nightmare or something. Poor thing! I had to convince her it’s something that happens whenever I am tired.

Nina, I don’t think we can control our moaning or growling in our sleep. People just have to think of it as a lovable part of your personality, the same way I thought of my dad’s snoring.

The next time you are going to snore, you will need a nose clip… :twisted:

No, I think Prez just needs to learn to value and respect himself, realize that everything is beautiful in its own way, and love his snoring for the gift it really is. Everyone has his own talents, and one of Prezbucky’s is snoring.

In medical theory, he should go for a checkup. hahaha… :twisted:
**I guess he might be exaggerating his ability to snore…

okay… I have an answer:

Yes, apparently so.

The woman woke me up the other night – she elbowed me awake.

“Tom, quit snoring!”

“Sorry, jeez!”


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