Do you say 'sandwich' or 'samwich'?

An old English flatmate of mine used to say ‘samwich’. When I asked her if it was a regional thing, she replied that practically nobody says it the ‘right’ way. I hadn’t heard it pronounced like that again until today – in my morning class, one of the characters in the listening comprehension exercise we were doing said ‘samwich’.

Are you of those who use this ‘familiar’ term? If so, do people who say ‘sandwich’ sound too formal and unnatural to you?

In my experience, ‘samwich’ is occasionally used jocularly, though the /d/ of ‘sandwich’ may be heavily reduced or elided, so that many of us pronounce it ‘sanwich’.

I’ve always been under the impression that ‘samwich’ is much more often heard in British English. I agree with MM’s take on American usage/pronunciation.

I can’t believe (ok, sadly I can) that people are so comfortable putting their ignorance on display every single day of their lives. Is it really more difficult to say “sandwich” instead of “samwich”? I just chalk that up to people that struggle with the burden of having a single digit IQ. Truly sad. Goodbye human race.

I pronounce it “sanwich” - sorry to be part of the cause of the downfall of the human race.

I’ve never heard ‘samwich’ used in the UK.
As MM says, the ‘d’ is often reduced so that it sounds close to ‘sanwich’.