Do you prefer small school or university?

Some people want to attend a small college.Other people think that it is better a large university.Which type of school do you prefer? why? Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion?

In my opinion,the studies purpose a large university has more advatages than a small college. Many of the students and their parents has been giving more importance to universities,because various reasons are there.

The first reason, universities should hire the best professors,who teaches the lessons using good method,explanation etc. So the students can easily understand.
The university would conducts paper presentations,language development classes etc.
Here a university can pay more concentration on students and how to develope their skills.

The second reason, a large university can provide all advanced lab equipment for their students than small colleges. If ,the university having a life science courses, they should be need advanced lab equipment for their every experiments. These are very expensive. For instance, in genetic engineering course, lab is vary important to maintain aseptic conditions to these experiments. Due to this they need Ac room,centrifuge,spectrometry ,different chemicals micro organisms etc.

Other reason is universities can concentrate on campus selection.So the students can get a good job easily in top list companies. some times universities can provide schlorships for their students.

Finally,in my view due to this reasons students has been selecting a large university than small colleges.

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