Do you mind -- sure?HJ

Hi, is it OK to respond to the question “Do you mind if …” with ‘sure’? I mean, the correct response would be ‘no, not at all’. At any rate it should be a negation. It looks as if in American English it is perfectly acceptable to use a positive response such as ‘sure’. Am I right? Many thanks, Torsten

I’d certainly agree with you, for it’s usually a negation. But suppose that the person actually minds it. Then could that be the answer?

That’s the reverse of what they actually mean when people use ‘sure’.

‘Do you mind if…?’
‘Sure’ is used to indicate they don’t mind.

Torsten - your observations are correct.

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Is it then like ‘Sure, I don’t’?

But if the person actually minds it, what will be his answer?