Do you manage your time effectively?

Do you manage your time effectively?

There are days when time is breathing down on our neck. Are you afraid of that?

Do you have to finish tons of work within only a couple of hours?

Hi Skynet,

Nice to meet you. Of course, there are a lot of situations when we experience this feeling that something is to be done immediately. And most likely this is something boring and tiresome.

I think it is wise to begin with boring things and exciting things will be done without any reminder.

Take care,

Hi and welcome Skynet,

there are a lot of proverbs about time management. It seems to be on everyone’s mind. Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today. There is no time like the present. And: Procrastination is the thief of time. Incidentally, I’m a procrastinator; I work best when I’m pressed for time.


Dear Skynet,

I can work under pressure. I believe our life, job, and education, etc. has pressure. Stress is part of life, and it makes us a strong person. It will also allow us to test our abilities. However, I prefer working under less stressful environment because it will help me not to make mistakes. Simple mistakes can cost lives.

kind regards,

As is known,time management is a important subject for everyone.

I was lacking in time management on previous years.

İt was a my bad habituation.

Therefore,I had read a book on the subject and I’ve started practice to the techniques on book.

By this way,I can arrive to meeting venue and even earlier anymore.

For instance,everyone has efficient hours throughout the day.

I would highly recommend to work on efficient hours for everybody.

Thank you for your attention,Kind regards.

I am working ander pressure now, sometime I cant planing my time
but hope that in future

so thanks