Do you like talking to foreign people who are learning English?

Good morning! I’m a spanish girl and I’m studying English. I like it and I enjoy learning, so I wuold like to have English friends.
I sometimes ask and answer easy things in Yahoo Answers UK, to practise; I would like to be fluent and I thik this is one of the first things which could help me to progress.
What do you feel about it?
I’m not racist, so I’m nice to meet people all over the world.
I’m sorry if there are mistakes; I’m learning.
Have a nice day, peolpe!

I do the same thing.
Especially when I’m bored out of my wits and about to doze off at work. It keeps me sharp, on edge!

Only I never ask questions, because you lose points for that.

about to doze off at work.

Very productive. You must be an MD or a Chairman of a rich firm form a very rich country.

Kind regards.

A very astute observation, I must add.


Just to shake Ewe up, my dear .

kind regards.

When you drink , drink a lot and don’t stop until you drop.

I’m not a native, but I like talking to both natives and English learning folks!