Do you know where are you going?

-Do you know where are you going after a short life ?

-Do you think that,there is another life after you die !

-Do you know why you are living ?

-Is there a specific function that must to do before you
say to your first life “bye bye”

-If there is a specific function , then what is it ?

-Do you ask yourself onetime ,what is the type of the
life after I die, is it a nice or ugly ,is it depend on
something "specific function"that must to do before
I die, or you are always afraid to ask yourself
this questions :!:

-I will answer the questions after I receive the replys.
I know , it is difficult to answer this questions ,
but, it is our life ,so we must know everything
about it , before we can’t do anything to our selves
and the result is “hell” which can’t go outside of it
and you will still in it always(don’t die) ,or you are
always on the nirvana ,
so the subject is very important to every one
I have been a long time to know the answers
so, if you don’t have more information , tell me
that I hope to hear the answers

  • note:
    I am not very good in english , so
    if I have mistakes ,tell me what is it ,
    and I will thankful to you .

best wishes to every one :wink:

Hi Sami,

Personally, i think after this life, i am going to another life. I believe in life after death. The reason why I am living is that i was born into this world and i have been given the gift of this precious life…Once I live, there is no rejection to it. :smiley:

I have a big function in this life, making most of every single day, accepting my responsiblities and fulfilling my life in a peaceful and contented way:D. And before I die, at least I should do something useful and good to my family and society. :smiley:

yeah, I have asked myself…During my next life, I wish i would still be the same, still full of humanity and living a good life… :lol: Thanks for all these good questions, Sami.

Hell or heaven can be reached by only one step, it’s our choice :smiley:


Hi guys.

I also think that after this life we are going to have another life , and It will be like this life , It might be good and comfortable or It might be bad and difficult .

And the situation of other life depends on our doings in the certain life …
I mean that If my doings and my behaviors in this life are well , I will live there a comfortable life “paradise” … and the opposite of that , If my behavior in this life is bad or I did many and many of mistakes , I will have the result of my doings and I will have difficult life , and it will be in the hell .

So, I have to be a " good person " to live happily in this life and in other life too … :smiley: