Do you know what 'visible mending' is?

Here is just another reason why we need to get rid of the ludicrous notion of infinite GDP growth: Every year the American consumers collectively throw away the staggering amount of 17 tons of textiles. Can you imagine how much water, energy and human labor is needed to produce this massive amount of clothes? Thank you, @Claire for creating this interesting reading comprehension exercise in which you cover the topic of ‘visible mending’ as an alternative to ‘fast fashion’. Here is my favorite quote from your text as it give me hope that the ‘developed world’ is going to live up to its title after all.

People are quietly putting their hands where their money and values are and repairing, mending, re-working and remembering the true value of their textiles.


Thanks, @Torsten! Degrowth and everyday ways that we can reduce our consumption is a topic that’s close to my heart.


That’s great to hear, Claire. If you like you can share a list of topics and keywords you want to cover in your upcoming texts and articles. You might also browse through these posts: #degrowth


Thanks for answers. I have the same question in my exams.

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