Do you know Vaseline?

Hello everybody,

Finally, weekends! I am having a lovely morning by the window now, as I am writing this.

Anyway, do you know Vaseline? And I am talking about the petroleum jelly Vaseline. I think it’s a wonderful product ever created. I have been using it myself for like, ever. Basically, it helps condition your skin and is an unbeatable product for chapped lips, personally.

I get bored easily and therefore I have all sorts of moisturizers and lotions on my racks, in the bathroom, the kitchen and most importantly under my pillows. But, when it comes to serious moisturizing I always go back to Vaseline.

It does wonders to your feet, and basically any dried body parts. Do you kinow you can use it on your hair, eyelashes and teeth too?

This is my take on the product. I learnt that people all over the world use this product too. I never heard negative feedback from anybody using this product. What do you think?

Curious comment, this!

I don’t think I’ve ever used vaseline, maybe because European men tend to neglect their arid skin.

But there’s this gay friend of mine who swears by vaseline products, though.

I hope you are not one of the guys that say “Uggh, women and their moisturizers!”

By the way, for your very dry skin, I suggest you try leave-in body conditioners. It’s very simple like the hair conditioner, you apply it during shower or bath, if you couldn’t be bothered by lotions.

When my lips are cracking open, the products that are sold specifically for lips don’t work as well as Vaseline. Sometimes our hands get chapped here in the winter, and when they’re cracking open, Vaseline is the only thing that works really well. Hand lotions get absorbed, but soon your hands are dry and cracked again. With Vaseline, they heal faster.

The only problem with Vaseline is that it is so greasy and takes so long to be absorbed that if you put it on any part of your body other than your lips, you have to stay around home for a few hours.

I once knew of a little girl in the ghetto whose name was Vaseline.

How much do you put? :lol: Usually 5 minutes is enough for me.

Her mom must have liked Vaseline that much.

Hi Nina,

I used to apply vaseline on my lips, being subjected to biting winds, only in winter. Since I put on make-up often, a lip gloss is a good substitution and serves as a ‘preventive’ too. :lol:

What brand? I love, love Dior Juicy tubes! And lucky you, I don’t get to wear make-up anymore. What a shame, life is too short for such dull, colorless self-presentation.

And last two weeks, I was told that I was going to be interviewed by the company’s magazine an hour before it and my boss told me, “Nina, go fix your hair.” ( I can’t help the condition of my hair! I am forever changing from the bunny suit to enter the cleanroom and my hair got messy and all over the place)

Oh my God! I was so embarrassed. I am reminiscing the memory because I just got a copy of it today and it will be distributed to my companies all over the world.

I guess I am a bit vain and I am not proud of it.

After all, I guess that there is a tiny bit of vanity in all of us.

Hi Nina,

We agree in tastes, Nina.It’s Dior and Isadora I use on a regular basis.

Why?In my opinion(judging by your pic) you have striking features and there is no urgent necessity to use make-up,eh, Nina? :wink:

I agree with you, Pamela. :smiley:

Hmm, thank you. But to me, that sounds like, “You’re already very smart, why study?”

Oh, by the way, you two, I am good at other things too you know. For instance, I can sing…like a frog. :lol: