Do you know any ways how to achieve this goal - fluent English?

Hello everybody,

I want to improve my speaking and listening skills,I am good at grammar but I have problems with listening,it’s very difficult for me to catch words when I’m listening to something.
I’d like very much to overwhelm this problem.
Do you know any ways how to achieve this goal?
How to improve my listening skills?
I need your advice very much.
I’m looking forward to your answers.

Thanks in advance

Find websites where there have recorded reports and interviews along with transcripts. Listen first, and see what you can catch. Then read, and then listen a couple more times.

I would recommend this one for a start:

That one also has good vocabulary lessons on it.

Dear Jamie,

Thanks for your advice.

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Hi, my name is antony. I’m doing my PG. From beginning I’m studying in English Medium my problem is I can’t speak in English very fluently with friends or in company, I’m doing many grammatical mistake while speaking for this problem I’m not attending any meetings or seminars even interviews. So please help me.


Hi Antony,

How can I help you? :slight_smile:


Ms Tamta,
I guess it is nothing unusual , English is just like this and concerning relations with native speakers specially British is very bad to understand and very hard to learn to understand.
Off course you may learn everything and you patient and good plan will help to overwhelm initial difficulties. I would recommend to invest some money in computer English - English dictionary.( e.g Longman) What may be very important this dictionary shall have both versions American and British available on records.
Also such dictionaries have thousands sentences recorded and used in exercises attached to them.It is listening exercise which we may name simply dictation.
You listen to a sentence and write down what you have understood both times in English.
I recommend to check specially at the beginning both versions of pronunciations American and British every time, reason for this would be that when you don’t know precisely the difference you will be confused and confused again when you once learned something and later will find out that it is not just like that but different for example American style etc.
Stick to one version for some time before you will learn second one.
A difference between these two languages American and British could be very massive and in my opinion generally is to often disregarded.

Listening to the entire sentence and write it down just after could be very difficult exercise but when you firstly would listen many many hours to some audio book simultaneously reading the text of that book , the understanding process could be softened a bit and it could bring a lot of satisfaction for you.
With time words start to repeat themselves and learning process will greatly accelerate.
I wish you good luck.

Dear Jan,

Thank you for your answer and good advice,

You’ve been very helpful.

Best wishes.