Do you have memorized?

Hello, I have come across this question: How many words do you have memorized? Is this question correct? Why is not How many words have you memorized?

Hi Andreana

I’ll try and explain this matter as I see it.

How many words DO YOU HAVE memorized? = How many words HAVE YOU memorized? = How many words HAVE YOU GOT memorized? To put it another way: How many words have you got in your brain? In these questions, have is a verb, the verb we translate in Spanish as “tener”. So you can translate the whole sentence like this: Cuantas palabras tienes memorizadas?

How many words HAVE YOU memorized? In this sentence the word have is the auxiliary for the present perfect. I can’t translate it because I don’t know the context of the sentence. Anyway, maybe you’ve already understood.

I hope that this explanation suits you.

Hi Carbonarius! Thank you for your prompt response. Yes, I think now I understand what this question means. You are very good at explaining things. What you say makes sense. Gracias!