Do you have any brothers and/or sisters ?

Hi everyone

Which of the following is correct when you ask if you have any siblings ?

  1. Do you have any brothers or sisters ?
  2. Do you have any brothers and sisters ?

Thanks in advance !


[color=blue]#1 is correct.
Don’t leave a space between the last word and the end punctuation.

Hi Kumiko,
1 is correct if you are asking whether the person has siblings of either gender, as indicated.
2 would be correct if you wanted to know whether the person had more than one sibling, at least one of which was male and at least one of which was female, It would be highly unlikely that anyone would ask that.

Is this sentence also correct?

Do you have any brother or sister?

Do you have a brother or sister?

Hi Canadian45 and Beeeneees

Thank you always for your replies!

I did not know about the punctuation! So much to learn…
I think I need more writing practices.

It’s just the difference between “or” and “and” and I could never guess the difference in the meanings as Beeeneees explained so clearly.

Thanks again. It was very helpful!