Do you feel that the following sentence is weird?

A human being can’t be shameless just like that!

(do you get the meaning?)

Just like that is an expression that often means instantly.

So, without any more context, I would understand, “A person can’t make himself shameless in just one quick moment.” “A human being can’t become instantly shameless.”

Of course, just like that can have other meanings too.

Hi Floratang,

The expression just like that can also mean: simply in that way/simply by doing that. A situation could be that two people are having an argument. One starts to leave the room and the other one says: You can’t stop talking to me and walk away just like that.


Hi floratang

I’d understand the sentence the same way Jamie did.

If the sentence is meant as a comparison, I might omit the word “just” or reword the sentence a bit.