Do you enjoy watching NBA?

I am Angel from China,I am so crazy about NBA match,Watching NBA is an enjoyment.Can you tell me who is your favourite NBA player?Let us share together.There is no doubt Tracy is my favourite NBA player.But his recent performance was just so-so.I was excited about Rockets’ 22 victory in this season,.It was known that there were two teams can keep such a long victory in the NBA history.Except the LA LAKERS and Milwaukee Bucks.The Rockets has created the history. As the core of this ball team,Tracy under the vast pressure.His basketball skill is queried by many people now.Many people think that Rockets can’t laugh at last without Yao.But I still will stand up for Rockets and for Tracy. Maybe he will break out in the following playoff.
Best wishes for Rockets and Tracy.

Actually, I love to play basketball, but I don’t like to watch the NBA. I enjoy watching kids or amateurs play, but not professionals. My TV time is mainly spent on news and cartoons.

But it sounds very exciting for you.

Basketball bores me.

I am not a fan like you, mainly because I am vertically challenged. But sure, any sports is fun to watch.