Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? When classmates or colleagues communicate about a project in person instead of by e-mail, they will produce better work for the project. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer

Many people agree that technology affects both individuals and society in plethora of ways. One of this important ways is the way of communicating. In this regard, some people believe classmates and co-workers should connect with each other via e-mail to make progress while others think they should discuss about a project in person. When it comes to me, I am of the opinion that they should communicate about their project in person than by sending e-mail. I feel in this way for two main reasons which I will explore in following essay.

to begin with, communicating in person especially about a project helps students and co-workers enhance their social skills. Some people cannot talk with others easily, as a result they will not be able to discuss with others. Also, by being in touch in person, they learn how start conversations which is so critical for students who want to find a job after they graduated. My personal experience is a compelling example of this. About seven years ago, when I was a freshman, I had to conduct a research with my friends. At first, I could not communicate with my group members. because of this, I could not make discussions with them. Several weeks later, I learned how to express my ideas. When I graduated, thanks to that assignment we made at the first year of university, I had plenty of job opportunities. If I had not communicated with my friends in person, I would not have gotten my current job.

Another equally significant reason worth mentioning is that, classmates and colleagues can discuss with each other in person better than by sending e-mail. When group members keep in touch in person, they see their group member perspective about project and use different approaches toward the problem. In addition, they learn how to accept the opposed ideas. For instance, I was working on my thesis with my friend who lived in another city. At first, we debated on our subjects by e-mail consequently, we could not make progress. Finally, I suggested him to see each other and talk about our project. Two months later, our developments had accelerated in high pace. If we had not talk with each other in person, we would not have made any progress.

to sum up by taking into account all above-mentioned reasons and examples, I strongly approve of communicating about a project in person. This is because it improves student social skilland because it makes them discuss about their project in appropriate way.

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Many people agree that technology affects both individuals as well as society in a plethora of ways. One of these important ways is the way of communicating.

Your essay is quite good and you can improve your writing even more if you try to use only phrases, collocations and expressions you are 100% sure exist. I do understand this might be a challenge but it is doable. Also, please do read Is Writing Becoming Obsolete? The Effect of AI on Writing and Standardized Testing

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About the first part of my mistake you absolutely right I did not notice that.Yes I try improve my writing skill and I try to write at least 3 to 4 essay each day.
And about your amazing essay about entrance of robots into writings. It was fascinating I have never seen the impacts of robots in this perspective.
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You can post as many essays as you like :wink:

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