Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? All university students should be required to take history courses no matter what their field of study is. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer

Today’s, every university have Their own preferable methods of study which is different from other universities policy. In this regard, taking some specific courses has been a controversial issue. Some people believe that students have to study history course in order to be aware of what happened in their countries history in past decades. However, others think it is not necessary to take this course. When it comes to me, I am of the opinion that all students should not be forced to study history. I feel this way for two main reasons which I will explore in following essay.

To begin with, the first vital factor that effects studentperformance is being interested in that major. Inclining in courses that students taking is so essential, so they should be free to choose what course to take on their own. Besides, takingsome courses that students are not interested in is boring for them in the long run and should be considered. My personal experience is a compelling example of this. About seven years ago, although I did not want to take art course, the art department compelled us to take that course. After five weeks, it was not attractive to me anymore and I could not use that class and i felt i was wasting my time there.

The other equally significant reason worth mentioning is that, making all students take courses they may do not like, prevents them from enhance their progress in other fields. Some hardworking students try to prove themselves in other majors, but taking part in courses they do not like, decreases their pace of improvement and as a result, they cannot achieve to their main goals. For instance, two years ago when i was working in my thesis, my professor forced me to take some other courses which were not related to my subject. After a while, I noticed that I could not concentrate on my thesis. If i had not beenforced to take that courses, I would definitely have finished my thesis soon.

To sum up by taking into account all of the above-mentioned reasons and examples, i am strongly disapprove of taking history course for all students. This is because forcing all students to take part in history course is boring for them, and because it decreases their pace of development in their favorite major.


I am strongly disapprove of taking history course

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