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Agree or disagree?
Students ,not the teacher or administrators, should be in control of their own education.

Several research studies and an overwhelming number of articles in the popular press discuss the most efficient ways of education. What is obvious in this issue is the crucial role of teachers in optimizing learning process. Teachers, not the students, should strictly monitor the students’ progression and help them to acquire knowledge since they are well-trained to transfer their knowledge, they foster an environment in which students are motivated to learn, and they have been proven to show effective roles in education due to numerous research studies over time.

Without a doubt, a teacher is defined as someone whose duty is to pass on knowledge to students. Teachers are well-experienced to convey their information in well-organized modes. They are educated to give professional demos and interesting guidelines in order to extend students comprehension. They attend seminars to keep up with recent ways of proficient instruction and are involved with modern methods of enhancing education.
Moreover, teachers are experienced in customizing educational process according to each student’s abilities. In other words, they are skillful in optimizing education in a way in which each student benefits from receiving teacher’s knowledge.

A further point to keep in mind is the fundamental role of teachers in providing atmosphere in which students can flourish. Ample concrete evident has shown that teachers contribute greatly to motivating students to study and discover their capabilities. According to Journal of Success, eighty percent of successful people in the field of medicine and music consider their teachers as those who led them to discover their talents and encouraged them to pursue their interest until they achieved success. In other words, a teacher creates an atmosphere of positive thinking and encouragement, and cultivates inspiration and support.

Teachers have shown their crucial role in education efficiency over time. The idea of having an instructor dates back to prehistoric people. Anthropologists have found concrete evidence that supports presence of teacher-student relation in ancient times. Carving in caves and prehistoric scripts have shown that cavemen used to teach basic methods of making fire and building tree houses to each other. Moreover, giving a closer look at political and economic turmoil in history, we can clearly conclude that political leaders and organizers of well-known protests were in fact great teachers who could convey their beliefs and persuade their students to comprehend political and economic issues of the time. History strongly supports the essential position of teachers in successful learning.

To put it in a nutshell, an efficient educational setting relies on well-trained knowledgeable teachers who feel committed in establishing a motivating atmosphere where students’ endowments are discovered. Given the fact that teachers are important pivots of an effective learning, it might be a good idea to optimize our knowledge acquirement by carefully following our teachers instructions.

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