Do you agree or disagree, newspaper is better than TV?

There are many ways to obtain news and information. But people tend to prefer the way which can get the news immediately, is more convenient and has more options for choosing. In this case, TV is a better means to get news than newspaper.

First of all, TV broadcast is able to spread the news at once and also can amend some wrong information immediately. Some people are used to turn on the TV in the morning while they are having breakfast, so that they can get the latest new in the day. It is also very convenient for learning the weather. I had an experience once that I did not watch TV news in the morning, instead I read the newspaper. When I got to the school, I found out that school was closed on that day due to the destruction which was made by typhoon the day before.

Secondly, TV is more convenient and easier for people to understand. With subtitle, pictures and reporter, TV news can be understood just in a few seconds. Especially for those people who could not read or elder people whose eyes are not good, TV is the best tools for them to get new information. In addition, for many ordinary workers who are often rush in the morning, compare to newspaper, TV takes less time to understand.

Last, TV offers more options of various news. People are mostly fond in choices. Watching TV can satisfy this requirement. Because there are many channels for options. Let’s say CNN doesn’t provide you the news you mostly concerning about, then you can always change a channel. But newspaper is published by one publication. The point of view and the news are somehow prejudice and limited. So in order to get a more comprehensive view, people can try many different channels to get the big picture.

In general, I personally think TV is better than newspaper, although TVs unlike newspaper are portable and has no time limited, which has the advantages that people can read them whenever they want. But I believe more people are fond in getting news from TVs due to its efficiency, convenience and easy understanding!

Please give me any comment on my essay. I would be highly appreciated!

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i read your essay, its really impressive, i need to know ur name though, Achieve 110, but i need to know ur real name so i could give your reference in my essay

I feel that “Let’s say” should appear in speaking eng while “For eg” or “… would be an justification example for this point” should substitute it in writing eng

You are correct that ‘klet’s say’ is conversational’, but
“for example” not “for eg”. Only use ‘e.g.’ if you are not going to use ‘for’.
“… would be an example justifying/to justify this point.”