Do we say "I'm going to/for mass"

  1. Do we say “I’m going to mass” or “I’m going for the mass” ( I mean mass at chruch)
  2. Also do we add “the” before mass:
    eg Do we say “I’m at mass” or " I’m at the mass"

In most cases:
I’m going to mass.
I’m at mass.

Adding ‘the’ indicates one particular service, for example:
“Are you going to mass this Sunday?”
“Are you going to the mass which is being held to celebrate the church’s anniversary?”

I’d prefer ‘Mass’.

Hi , Are you going to mass this Sunday?" in this sentence we are refrng to the sunday mass which is specific so why can’t we say “Are you going to the mass this sunday”

You can. Notice I said “In most cases” - there is a personal choice involved. I’m just explaining what seems to be most common.