Do we have Mr. Right in this world?

hi all

Do we have the right person to merry or because of desperation we are going to be married by those who want ?
they are very few Mr&Miss Right because everything has changed like the changes in technology :lol:

Hi Mnd,

This is a hard question to answer. Marriage is an agreement between two people who say they will take good care of each other until their ripe old age. It’s not only one side’s decision.

Mr and Ms Rights can be found. It’s not because they have never done nothing wrong, but it’s because you take their good points more seriously than their weak/bad points.

Hi mnd

Just would like to add that people are not fixed in stone, they influence each other and they normally are changing - for most part of their life.
Especially couples in a long marriage.

Many of them become true pairs, where spouses good matching each other. If they mutually love, attentive, care and ready to hear each other - patiently :). And both ready to change.
That’s usually much more important.