Do I need to appear for GMAT also to go for MBA course in Canada/Australia?

Do I need to appear for GMAT also to go for MBA course in Canada/Australia?

Everything depends on the individual university’s requirements. My guess is that you’ll have to take a GMAT, a GRE or some similar exam. I don’t think there are any universities in North America or Australia that let you take the easiest exam or no exam to get in. Any university that did would let people in with no admission standards certainly isn’t one that you’d want to get a master’s degree from.

If you’re going to be taking the GMAT, make sure you dust off those old Algebra, Trig, Analytical Geometry, Geometry and Calculus texts. I did okay on the exam but my score was dragged down by not remembering things I’d studied years previous to my test date – things I once knew but had since forgotten.

The English (or Grammar or however they refer to it) and essay portions were better for me – I use language every day by speaking and writing (well… informal writing at least). But math… I was pissed at myself. I’m certain I performed better on the Calculus stuff than I did on some of the Algebra or even (gasp!) Geometry questions. I had taken Geometry and the Algebras in high school; I took the GMAT when I was 23.

So, again, make sure you dust off those old math books.

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Can anyone suggest me a good book for GMAT preparation?
M in India.

I want to know more about the different MBA streams…viz.

  1. Management in International business
  2. Mgmt in Information systems
  3. Mgmt in business technology.

I’m B.E. Mech with experience in mechanical, software. Working as software tester right now.

Please help…

  1. International Business will show you all about how trade affects a country’s (or different countries’) economy, prepare you for different trade results, teach you different methods of international commerce, etc.

  2. MIS – I’m not sure about MIS (Management Information Systems). This might be synonymous with Information Technology.

  3. IT (Information Technology) will show you different systems that are used for the use/distribution/storage of information in a corporation. If you are the VP of IT in a corporation, you’ll be responsible for designing (or selecting) and maintaining a technological platform that serves the needs of your company. For instance, one decision you’d have to make is whether to use a Unix-based system or a Windows-based system.