Do I have any accent?

Hi people! I need to know if I have any accent, and if I do, how much accent do I have?

it’s definetly worth a watch

I’ve watched The Wire full seasons 1-3 so far and I’ve loved them. Really amazing television. But I just watched the first ep of season 4 and didn’t like it much. Way to much Carcetti. Can’t stand watching that guy, I have a real hatred of politicians and politics – especially narcesistic self-righteous a-hole ones. & The school system looks like its going to be a boring story – those kids playing around, dull. The gangs and policework and the dockworkers were all interesting. Oh, well. I’ll keep going and see if it gets better.

I can understand you easily, MasterJan. Sure, there’s a slight trace of accent in your voice, but that’s true for every single person. It’s not like “accent” is a bad thing, since there are so many regions of the world, and many of them are represented here. No single regional accent can possibly be “correct”. I feel it’s impossible to avoid having an accent, almost by definition.

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Hello Jan, as David has already said, your voice is clearly understandable, but suffice to say that your accent is not identifiable as British, more Canadian / American.
Don’t let this put you off though. There are people who actually like Americans, or so I am told.!

Only joking David. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: