Do I have an American accent?

I’ve recently become very self-conscious about my spoken English, mainly as a result of an anti-social life as well as other minor facts that played a role.

I was born in the United States, and English, alongside Greek, was my first language. In middle and high school I eventually decided to intimidate various accents for the sake of fun, and a lot of this seemed to have resulted in a somewhat broken English (?). Apart from this, my lack of socializing has also aided in severing my English.

Now my “accent” - if you want to call it that - is not really a mis-use of words or anything like that, it is a very slight sense of inadequacy in terms of vocalizing the “vibrations” inherent in the Native English speaker. I’m not sure how this “accent” came about, but I’m looking for a way (perhaps an online class) to perfect my English.

Thank you.

Hi … (Do you have a name?)

I’m afraid I don’t understand exactly what sort of problem you’re talking about.
If you could upload a sample of your “typical speech” to the Internet and post the link here, perhaps people will be able to better understand what sort of help you need.

Hi! My name is Evelyn…

Basically, I’m looking for a class or website dedicated for those who have very subtle speech “impediments”.

I’ve lurked around quite a bit, but only come across programs or classes dedicated for harder accents (ESL).

I’m very shy, so I think I’ll have to avert the sample for now.

Thank you!

Hi Evelyn

Shyness won’t help you to solve your problem, and in fact, trying to overcome some of your shyness may well be the most important step in the solution.

You’ve taken a step here. Don’t stop now. You’re on a roll! :smiley:

Hi Evelyn,

Do you still live in the US? If so, all you need to do is switch on the TV or radio and imitate whatever you hear.

BTW, what makes you think that you have a funny accent?

I’m sure that my accent is much funnier than yours :smiley: