Divorse is to law what protocolity is to medicine


Could you please shed some light on the given sentence? What is the writer trying to say?

[size=150][color=red]“Divorse is to law what protocolity is to medicine”[/size]


No idea, Tom, other than it apparently has something to do with either words that don’t exist or misspellings. :?

divorce instead of divorse


  • the rules of behaviour for formal occasions
  • a record of an agreement in international negotiations

I guess it may be close to a meaning of “protocolity”

It has something to do with a Polish doctor/lawer who emigrated to English spoken country due to his job’s place
had to divorced his wife and next day early morning still under influence of some liquids, he had produced such a lapse.

I am afraid that in this case to understand this you need to be:

  • divorced
  • to be a lawer or a doctor
  • and you need to be under influence of same liquid


In case if it is a woman situation is completly out of control
You just can’t understand a divorced woman