Distinguish "search, look for and be in search of"

choose the best answer for below question and help me to distinguish the difference between answers given , please

“The police must now …the escaped convict in the surrounding countries”
A . search B.look after C.look for D.be in search of

Thanks for every help in advance !!

Hi Giang

The person who wrote that test question probably expects you to choose ‘look for’. That would mean that it has now become necessary for the police to try to find the convict in various countries.

The word ‘search’ (without the word ‘for’) doesn’t work because that would basically mean that the police have to inspect the convict’s body, and they have to do that in various countries – and that doesn’t make sense.

The phrase ‘now be in search of’ would refer to a currently ongoing search for something.
This wording would also change the way I interpret ‘must’. Rather than meaning ‘have to (start doing something in the future)’, it would sound as if the speaker were drawing a conclusion about what is already currently happening at present. So, ‘be in search of’ would also work in your sentence, but I doubt that it’s the meaning the author had in mind.

Thank you , yankee :slight_smile: