dislikeable vs unlikeable

Hello everyone: I’m not sure about the opposite of the word “likeable”. My first attempt was “dislikeable,” but I see that the word “unlikeable” also exists. Any difference between them? Are they synonyms? Thanks!

unlike” and
dislike” have a
completely different
UNLIKE = not similar to
Example: Unlike most
people, he enjoys
losing money.
DISLIKE = not to like
Example = She has
always disliked the
smell of fish.


Thanks for your answer, but the words that I’m trying to understand are “dislikeable” (unpleasant/unfriendly) and “unlikeable” (difficult/impossible to like). They sound like synonyms to me, but I’d like to make sure that they really are.

if you understand the meaning and what conditions these two negative
prefix must be used,
then you already know whether they are
synonymous or
different. :slight_smile:

Well, the problem is that they’re not in context. It’s just a typical exercise of “making the opposites of adjectives.” If they were in context, I wouldn’t be asking here!! :))