Discussion of writing topics

Hello, everybody!

Here people usually talk a lot about verbal part of GRE, but much less about writing and quantitive
I propose to discuss writing section, let’s open a topic about it.
For instance, what do you think about the issue “Government funding of the arts threatens the integrity of the arts.”?
What does “the integrity of the arts” mean? Maybe this topic encourages to discuss the fact that government is not able to fund all necessary branches of art and, thus, some trends would suffer. Say, enough funding for 19th century paintings, but scarce and insufficient for 16th century paintings? And if government indeed threatens the integrity, what kind of alternative do we have?
If anybody is interested in such discussion, let’s start!

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I would be rather pleased to discuss about writing section, but few days ago I have finished the AW of GRE test. For your topic involving arts, I recommend you not even to prepare these kind of topics. Divide the topics into several categories [ education, politics, technology, reason and cognitive process, present and future ,arts] and just ignore one kind of topics, for example, arts category if you feel this kind of topics hard to crack.

This makes sense because you choose one topic from the two issue topics presented to you, and this two topics is definitely of different catagories. Moreover,doing this is safe because a large number of people have proved it to be reliable in the practice.

Furthermore, if you want to save some time. You can focuse on the high-frequency topics, which are the most easily tested topics. For non-native english speaker, AW is much harder than Qualitiative Test[toooooo easy], this methold will make the preparation much easier in that you can only focus on less than half of the topics. Of course this is somewhat risky, but it is more efficient than spending time and efforts equally on each topic.

Anyway, I have finished my AW test. And i would like to share some tips, if you want the Statistical Frequency of each issue and arguement topic you can contact me through email: youxinzhi@gmail.com.