Discuss the positive and the negative effect of the globalization

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Even though globalization affects the world’s economies in a very positive way, its negative side should not be forgotten. Discuss.

In this modern age, science and technology is advancing by minutes, and the Internet makes it possible to communicate immediately by replacing the traditional way of transmitting messages hand by hand. Although people on our planet are separated by countries, there is actually no border on economy due to the globalization. However, we still need to consider both positive and negative influences of globalization while it is becoming the inevitable trend.

The globalization comes up with countless advantages and impacts everyone’s life. The most important of all, there would be more opportunities for people to do business and earn money. Some advanced countries have advanced skills but lack of natural resources while others have plenty of materials but no skills, such as America and Southern Africa. By globalization, America can help Southern Africa mine its diamond and gold. Eventually, they will get win-win. Also, the globalization is a economic approach for companies to save money. It is well known that products of the Apple company are made in China since China has the cheapest labor power. What is more, globalization can make people’s lives more convenient and abundant. For instance, in China, individuals could choose not only native living goods but also some high quality products imported from overseas, such as Japanese electric device, German furniture and French clothes.

On the other hand, while we enjoy the convenient lives globalization gives, there are some negative influences that should not be overlooked. Firstly, some languages and cultures are eroding some others, especially those lesser-known ones. People commit themselves to learn a universal language for better communication and ignore some of their valuable native culture is on the very fringe of extinction. Moreover, globalization lowers the employee rate to some countries. A large number of companies move their manufactories to China to decrease their expense, which leads to mass dismissal in their own country.

To sum up, globalization certainly has positive effects to our world. But efforts from government should take to ease the negative influences before they become the uncorrectable issues.

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