Discuss reasons for car accidents and provide solutions to reduce car accidents

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Q: Car accidents have become more common recently. Discuss reasons for car accidents and investigate possible solutions to reduce the number of car accidents.

With the rapid development of society, there are some side-effects including the increasing number of car accidents. This social problem has become a controversial issue that requires immediate solutions to decrease a car accident rate. This essay will examine a couple of reasons for car accidents and suggest effective solutions.

One of the reasons why the number of car accidents increased is associated with the boost in the number of cars. In a modern society, owning a car is an essential element to improve standard of living. As people have cars to promote their mobility in the community, there is a high risk of confronting a car accident. The second reason is related to the fact that car drivers are not cautious enough to drive safely. In particular, young drivers tend to have less experience in driving a car. Moreover, according to the research conducted in Korea, young drivers are more likely to become speeders or drunk drivers who are mainly the cause of car accidents.

To reduce the incidence of car accidents, there are two potential solutions: public education and enhancement of fine system. To start with, public education would be extremely beneficial for all citizens to understand how important the safe driving is. People should be aware of the consequences of drunk drive or high-speed drive for their own safety. Furthermore, by strengthening the law system in relation to traffic problems, people do not attempt to drive fast or in drunk. Government should consider enhancing the penalty for speeder or drunk drivers to eliminate a risk of car accidents induced by them.

In conclusion, people should acknowledge the increasing number of car accidents and be cautious of driving safely for security of the society. Governments are required to concentrate on public education and enhance the penalty policy in order to reduce car accidents.

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