Diplomacy never pays?

I met the bloke yesterday at his penthouse in Shangriladida.

B.You heard the news?

Me. Wot news? gang rapes, earthquakes, bank frauds, character assassinations?

B. Nah, those are parts and parcels of our existence on planet earth.

Me. Ah, I know is it about your latest brain wash?

B. Behave.

Me. Yap, yap.

B. I mean the she - diplomat issue.

Me. Wy dat’s obviously the racism?

B. You never improve?

That’s all about those diplomats who only go shopping around the world with public money and having a god life in night clubs.

Consequentially, all these isms and issues come out. Diplomacy never pays for diplomats never do their duties and responsibilities. They never improve themselves and their works. All they do is break the ties and make money on issues. Waste of public money?

Me. Oh, I me my mine, I never think it that way, no wonder you’ve got IQ40.

B. Thank you. Have you ever heard a word 'Proactive?

Me. Proactive, proactive, nice word.

B. You never learn.

Me. Um. dat’s a discrimination.

Have fun.

Oh, I’m happy Presses are making money, anyway.

US diplomat to leave … ( Ref. BBC )


India diplomat row: Delhi says ‘no stand-off’ with US ( BBC)


Any NoblE PriCe on that? lol.

It is funny enough when so called people are so silly.

Intentionally or unintentionally.

Yet waste of millions dollars which we can beneficially use for food, shelter and clothing for the needy.


I hate to see unprofessional professionals.

Wasted banquets and red carpets. Be wise.

To breed a diplomat is hell of expensive. Expecting that They really will be professional?

I found that these days people become too silly to cheat everybody. Especially when they become so called elites.

I feel like my mother’s day - elites are true elites.

They place Class and Dignity first.

I wonder.

I once was a so called diplomat for 11 years, including 5 years as a so called attache.

I found wot most diplomats usually do.

  1. Go shopping. ( I did )

  2. Go shoplifting. ( I didn’t )

  3. Go gambling. ( I did )

  4. Go chickening. ( I did )

  5. Do human trafficking . ( I didn’t )

  6. Do smuggling. ( I didn’t )

  7. Drink franchised Cognac . ( I did )

  8. Buy duty free goods. ( I did )

  9. Go hardrockcafeing. ( I did )

10.Import duty free Mercedes. ( I didn’t ) I spent all my bucks on girls.

  1. Run away without paying rent, bill and bank loan. ( I didn’t )

  2. Buy things with public money and show fake bills to the accountant. ( I didn’t )

  3. Take bribe from passport endorsements and visas. ( I didn’t )

If I did, I could have appointed my own ambassador. ( You’ve got me ? )

  1. Asswipe and balllick his excellency the ambassador and his wife. ( I didn’t )

I pulled out the phone line after office hours and on weekends, and go chickening. hi hi, I hope you believe me.

  1. turn away desperate own countrymen who helplessly come to the embassy for help, shut the gate. ( I didn’t ) ( Most important function of an embassy is to shut the gate in own countryman’s face. )

  2. Drink the best champagne like a cow ( fish? ) and talk big at banquets.
    From Golan Heights to Belfast to Rangoon to Washington to Great Wall. ( Alas, here you’ve got to read some stuff to talk big. Talk bigger the better. )

You have to perform one of these noble functions, unless you are no diplomat.

These days they may have more ( diplomatic ) embassy functions. Everyone is becoming more and more professional?

Have fun, be a diplomat.

If you are lucky enough you can have a chance to make love with your comrades or ambassador’s wife or daughter. Trust me. No joke. lol.

So they call it 'the most prestigious profession on earth, eh?

No wonder we have diplomatic issues now. Good for the press and politicians. Great.

But what about the angry poor people? Who cares?

A diplomat has not only his immunity but his duties and responsibilities. And of course, most importantly the Protocol to follow. Ain’t it.

I think, diplomats are born. Not made.

If you’re confused. Read my funny text above again. You can see anyone can do them. Without any diplomatic trainings?

Still want to be a diplomat? Cool. You’re smart.

Oh, apart from the presses and politicians,flag makers are making more and more money.

Let the angry poor people burn the flags.

Make people angry, drink Hennessy & Moet and Chandon. Be a diplomat.

I was thinking to make some bread money by making flags. But I’ve got no initial cash for start up. My mother in law won’t lend me a cent, bank manager won’t see me knowing I’ve got only 60 cents in my accounts, my ex mistresses won’t answer my calls knowing I’m sucking mangy thumbs. Wot tu du:.

Me poor thing. I should have been an asswiping balllicking moneymaking diplomat, then?

  1. turn away desperate own countrymen who helplessly come to the embassy for help, shut the gate. ( I didn’t ) ( Most important function of an embassy Is to slam the gate in own countryman’s face. )

In this function, you have to keep in your dear mind that ’ your main purpose to be at an embassy is to import a brand new Mercedes, not to get involved with those lousy countrymen.

You must see the wood from the trees.

Which one would you choose ? between a Mercedes and lousy countrymen?

No wonder Snow in the Den defected.

You don’t know all most all diplomats see to defect. Especially from the so called third world countries.

Me? definitely, I wanted to - but they sent me to Kuala Lumpur. Not to Bonn or Washington.

Yah lah me poor thing again.

Don’t I love my country? Of course I love my country. But I love me more. hi hi hi.

Well, I’ve talked nonsense more than enough.

I don’t think you believe all I said. If you do, take with a pinch of salt.


Have fun, learn English on ETN and talk rubbish ( Oh, I mean big. )

Strip search???

No big deal?

People do strip search when they can’t go to the strip tease.

Show them wot you’ve got. And Wow them.

I love to do strip search too. It’s heart throbbing.

Especially to my 5’ 11 mistress.

Oh, I miss her.

You must expect all odds when you go abroad?

Customs would strip search you. Immigration officers would star at you as a smuggler or a pimp or a gangster or a mother in law.

He would toss your passport. He would use harsh words.

Wot you don’t know is he’s doing his routines. You know wot routines means?

Just give a smile ( don’t grin ) and say Isn’t it a bit warm/cold today.

He would nod to you or say Yap.

And he would flick your passport and ask you this and that.

In marketing term 'The sale is done.

And he would say Have a nice stay / Enjoy yourself.

Say thank you officer and have a nice day. The deal is done.

If someone sees you with some prejudices and attitudes, that’s their problem, not your problem.

That’s their own problem to solve themselves. Not by you, not your mama , not your Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Don’t waste public money.

Every country on earth has millions of its own starving, uneducated and rough sleeping people.

( Mi experience, I made friends with those officials at the airport and MOFA. One of them boasted me his cheap stoned rings on his fingers. Knowing I came from the world best Ruby land. I said, yeah mate you’ve got great stones. He was so pleased. I stayed in Kuala Lumpur five years,they helped me with my routines, even when they were having their lunch, one of them would come up and do my things. I’d say you’re so kind, give a warm smile like the one in my photo here and say I do appreciate it. ( From my heart ) . And I would give them some tokens occasionally to prove I really appreciate what they’ve done to me. Diplomatic enough? )

Almost everybody, even a kid, knows how to deal to get the sweets he wants.

Why had the flags burned and got recalled. The worst, why you caused another diplomat got recalled.

Very unprofessional.


We have different colour , black, white, brown, red and yellow and etc.

White people would stare at you at their airports. Especially the male.

Black people would stare at you at their airports. Especially the male.

No big deal, shake your butt to their delights.

Have fun.

When I was still a boy in 1983 we visited famous city of our neighbour that our forefather ransacked hundreds years ago. The tour driver said 'seen what you Burmese did to us, with a tone.

I said, yeah too bad, still I don’t believe we buddhist Burmese did such things to buddha pagodas and temples. But they really did I know. And the neighbour did to us as well those days.

I mean in wars everything’s raped, but just. ( Everywhere on earth the same, since before the Romans. All learned people know and simply accept it. )

So we need diplomacy. To prevent wars.

Being a diplomat ’ What do you think you jobs are?

Have fun.

When diplomats only do importing Mercedes and having god’s life, things happens. There are called back or expelled, their embassies are closed. Consequentially, they sell out their Mercedes and finally suck their mangy thumbs.

Good topic Steelnlouse,

I’d like to add a line to your lousy topic.

Gun always pays.

If you don’t believe, get a loaded gun and point at John Wayne, he surely will pay. The bigger, the better.

So they invented Gunboat Diplomacy.

If you don’t practice our way of democracy, we’ll send our gunboats. Cute.

But we Junglies don’t care much about that, we have our step papa the Dragon the Gong Xi Gong Xi plus 500,000 man eating soldiers.

That’s why I come to love Dragon’s fluffy fluffy daughters.

Human Beings?

So we take their ( gunmen ) aids and kowtow the Dragon.

Who’s dumb then?