Digital cameras?

OK; I’ve returned from a class reunion and one topics we discussed was digital cameras. A lot of my former classmates were surprised to learn that I don’t own of those shiny little gadgets and I must admit, I have been thinking quite a while about purchasing one.

One my friends who happens to earn his living by repairing and restoring electronic slot machines told me to go for an Olympus (I can’t recall the model he described).

What about you? Do you use a ditigal camera? If so, what model do you have and would you recommend buying it?

Maybe you can also post some photographs you have taken with your camera so we can see the thing in action?


Hi Torsten

I’ve had a digital camera for ages. In fact, my digital camera is so old it just might qualify as a valuable collector’s item at this point.

Since my ancient digital camera (Polaroid) still works just fine, I can’t really make any recommendations about up-to-date models. But I will say, unless you’re a real photography freak, you probably won’t need all of the “bells and whistles” that are often offered. Just a basic model is usually enough for most people.

But, have you thought about going the ‘cell phone with integrated digital camera’ route? That way, you’d be killing two birds with one stone. :lol:


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Hi Torsten
Unfortunately I haven’t got a digital camera but summarizing what my cousin (who is fond of digital cameras) has said I’d assume that Olympus is Ok.
As you know there are two sorts of cameras
1)which are meant for common users
2)professional cameras used by specialists.
My preference is Olympus E-10.
That was just my opinion :smiley:

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Hi Amy and Pamela, many thanks for sharing your experience with us. After speaking to Slava and his friends we have decided to order an Olympus SP-500UZ through Amazon. As soon as it arrives we’ll post some photos here…


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Hi Torsten,

The great thing about digital cameras is that they make you into a brilliant photographer. If only I knew how to post my masterpieces on the forum, I could become the bigest bore on earth.


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Hi Alan,

I was thinking of this too – posting photos onto the forum. Now, Slava has set up a data base that allows you to put your new photos online and integrate them into your forum messages. I can work you through the routine step by step, as a matter of fact, Slava has also created easy to follow instructions.

For the time being though, you can simply send us your photos via email and we’ll put them online for you.

Let me know what you think,

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Please wave when you see this car driving by – we might even stop for a chat ;-).

The limo…

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WOW :shock: Great! Hope, Slava, you’ll post many other masterpieces of yours :lol:

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