Diggety vs. ziggety


I have got a silly question to ask of you. I am sorry. But I would like to know when people say:

Hot (diggety) dog! or Hot ziggety (dog)!

  1. why the ‘hot dog’ can refer to a sense of ‘Wow!’?
  2. what is ‘diggety’ or ‘ziggety’?

Thank you.


There are no silly questions when it comes to learning, Haihao!

I’m learning this with you:

Thank you, Conchita, and I am really happy learning this from you.


“Hot dog!” can mean, “Wow!” because anything hot is exciting, I guess.

“Diggety” and “ziggety” don’t have any meaning. They just make the exclamation “hot dog!” more emphatic.

One strange thing is that I have often heard people say “hot ziggety” without “dog”, but I’ve seldom heard people say “hot diggety” without “dog”.

Thank you so much again, Jamie. Here you gave me everything I wanted. :slight_smile: