differences between these word pairs


Please , how would you compare between :
1 effect and affect .
2 achieve and accomplish .
3 about and around , as regards and regarding .
4 above and over .
5 into and in , on and onto .
6 beneath , under , below as well as underneath .
7 accident and incident .
8 accurate and exact .
9 pay , defray and quote.
10 able and capable .
11 unable and disable.
12 abndon and abolish.
13 intend and consider .
14 tend and tip.
15 develop and evolve.
16 include and involve.
17 allow and enable.
18 assume and suppose

Wich is an appropriate way to use each in speech or writing ?
That’s it for now and sorry for making it longer, but i think it is useful, isn’t ?

Thanks a lot .


Where did you find those words?[YSaerTTEW443543]

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hello !

I’d like to tell you that I found those words while I was reading text sources . It is so essentiall for me to recognize every word I learn from time to time . Therefore, when I find any that its meaning confuse me , I write it in my notebook to know its proper meaning later and what is the good way for using them in writing and conversation correctly . Additionaly, I am doing my best effort to memorize and understand vocabulary as much as I can with a sufficient explanation and exact use . That is what I did exactly when I posted them to you.

kindly, I am looking forward to your responce ?

There are much more I want you to illustrate gradually ,so please do it for students like me .
Note : The pair which included wrong spelling was ( abandon and abolish )
Thank you
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The words you gave, some have relations but some don’t, some are the same but some are different. You’d better look them up or buy books explaining difference between confusing words like Word for Word of Oxford University.

I agree with Blue Snow 100%!