Differences between always making damage and always make damage

Hello everybody,

What’s the difference between these sentences?

  1. It’s always making damage the area.
  2. It does always make damage the area.

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It’s hard to say what the difference is, because neither sentence is grammatically correct, so I’m not sure what you mean them to say.

I think perhaps what you mean is "It’s always damaging the area.’ or possibly ‘It’s always causing damage to the area.’

  1. It’s always making damage the area.
  2. It does always make damage the area.
    Skrej is right. But you can correcting them to
  3. It always damages the area.
  4. It does always damage the area.
    I feel that you are very particular about the presence of ‘always’. Remove that and you get very good setences.
    best of luck, nanucbe.

Hello Skrej and Nanucbe,

Thanks for the answer.
I meant what’s the differences between word ‘making’ and ‘make’ in that sentence.

The second is ‘present tense’.
Is the first ‘present continuous tense?’ Because use ‘making’.

Thank you so much in advance.

Dear Rosario,

Let me try and tell you what I know. Usually when there is “always” and the action is related to the present, we use Present Simple. e.g. She is a smart girl, she always reads books.

However, sometimes Present Continuous/Progressive is used to bring more emotions to what the speaker is saying. “She never spends any time with me-she is always reading books!!!"

In your sentences, as Skrej mentioned, it is better to use either “To cause damage” or simply “to damage", and then we will get:

  1. It is always causing damage to the area.
  2. It is always damaging the area.

Or you can say:

  1. It always causes damage to the area
  2. It always damages the area.

The first two are more “emotional” so to speak, the other two are more general, it is just a fact.

And you can say “It does cause damage to the area”.You use “does” here just to stress the action and the importance of your words. So, all three variants are possible, just do not mix them together.:slight_smile:

That is what I know. Hope it is not confusing,

Good luck.

P.S. The damage is caused/done,but not made.

Dear Natasha,

Thanks a lot for the answer.

I’ve learned more from you all.