Difference: Proposal, suggestion, offer, proposition

Hello Alan and Torsten!

I am confused.
What the difference between
proposal. suggestion. offer. proposition.

Many many thanks in advance



All are similar except that offer is more concrete/positive.


thank you

Hi all,
Just to confirm Alan’s saying, here is what I got from Cambridge Dictionary:

[color=red][size=150]proposal[/size] noun
1 a suggestion, sometimes a written one:
Congress has rejected the latest economic proposal put forward by the president.
[+ to infinitive] There has been an angry reaction to the government’s proposal to reduce unemployment benefit.
Have you read Steve’s proposals for the new project?
[+ that] There was anger at the proposal that a UN peacekeeping force should be sent to the area.

2 an offer of marriage

[size=150][color=red]proposition[/size] noun
1 an offer or suggestion, usually in business:
He wrote to me last week regarding a business proposition he thought might interest me.
I’ve put my proposition to the company director for his consideration.

2 an idea or opinion:
They were debating the proposition that ‘All people are created equal’.

[color=red]offer[/size] noun
when someone asks you if you would like to have something or if you would like them to do something:
“If you like I can do some shopping for you.” “That’s a very kind offer.”
I must say the offer of a weekend in Barcelona quite tempts me.
INFORMAL One day I’ll take you up on (= accept) that offer.

[color=red]suggest (MENTION)[/size] verb
to mention an idea, possible plan or action for other people to consider:
They were wondering where to hold the office party and I suggested the Italian restaurant near the station.
FORMAL Might I suggest a white wine with your salmon, sir?
[+ (that)] I suggest (that) we wait a while before we make any firm decisions.
Liz suggested (that) I try the shop on Mill Road.
[+ ing form of verb] I suggested putting the matter to the committee.
[+ question word] Can you suggest where I might find a chemist’s?