difference of colloquial and slang

What’s the difference of colloquial and slang?

Colloquial language is ordinary spoken or written language that is informal but still considered part of the standard. Americans would use colloquial language in many parts of the newspaper, in an informal business meeting, or when talking to friends or coworkers.

Slang is even less formal and uses words and expressions that are not considered part of the standard language. Usually slang is used by members of some limited group, such as teenagers, or members of certain ethnic groups or professions. Some slang is vulgar.

Not every nation makes the same divisions between the different types of language. I’ve noticed that a lot of French people are afraid to use English slang, because they think all slang is vulgar. But in English not all slang is vulgar, and you can even use some slang when talking to the president of a company you work for.

Could you please give us some examples of slangs and colloquial (for better distinguishing, you know)
Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Could anybody please answer my question?
Thanks a lot.

I would say that the expression ‘apples and pears’ is slang meaning ‘stairs’ while the word ‘kids’ is a colloquial way of saying ‘children’.

By the way, another difference between ‘slang’ and ‘colloquial’ is that slang is a noun while colloquial is an adjective so your question should read ‘what is the difference between slang and colloquial language?’[YSaerTTEW443543]

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