difference between "whisk" and "whip"

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Could you tell me, please, if there is any difference between “whisk” and “whip”?

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Siberian bear

the words have other definitions which differ, but there is no difference in cooking terms. When you whisk or whip something you beat or stir it with a light, rapid movement.

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In my case, it is a question of cooking terms, because I’m translating a text about “rotary beater” from English into Russian. This rotary beater is “good both for whisking and whipping”. But in Russian it is the same word “взбивать”. As the text was written by a Dutch author, the question arises as to the nuances of meaning.

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Siberian bear

whisk - in circular movement
whip - in back and fro movement or figure of eight movement
but most people nowadays don’t apply that criteria and just use the same motion.

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