difference between 'welcome aboard' and 'welcome on board'?


Is there difference in meaning between ‘welcome aboard’ and ‘welcome on board’? Mrs Google say that both phrases are quite popular so when do you use which?

Many thanks,

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hi Torsten,

I’ve mulled them over in my mind and believe I would use ‘welcome aboard’ since ‘on board’ is to me more nautical in spirit. ‘Welcome aboard’ is a kind of greeting made to a new member of staff who’s just joined an organisation. It could quite easily be used and more than likely has been used to someone joining our site.


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Hi Alan,

Thanks a lot for clarifying this issue. From now on I’ll be using ‘welcome aboard’ to greet our new forum members so they won’t confuse our site with a ship :-).

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Hi Alan and Torsten,

I’ve just came across this confusion and checked it on the net and found it in our forum :smiley:

Just to confirm again, do you mean ‘welcome on board’ is only used for a ship while ‘welcome aboard’ can be used fo both cases?

Thank you very much.

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Hi Abc,

Yes that’s how I understand Alan’s explanation.

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any difference in meaning?

today I receive a email from my colleague overseas , i am also confused about the " welcom on board"
i want to know ,what’s kind of reply will be better?

See post #2