Difference between two adjectives SKILLFUL and SKILLED

Dear teacher,

I cannot differentiate between two adjectives “skillful” and “skilled”.

Please explain to me.

Thanks a lot.

Hi mlngvt

The words “skilled” and “skillful” are very similar, but there are some small differences, in my opinion.

skillful: a skillful musician, a skillful performance, a skillful liar
You can apply the word skillful to a person or something that is done by a person. Skillful could suggest not only practice and learning, but also talent and/or creativity. All of these things could contribute to being “skillful”.

skilled: a skilled carpenter, a skilled surgeon
I would use the word skilled to describe (mainly) a person who has had instruction and lots of practice and experience in doing a specialized thing and therefore does it very well.

Hope that helps.

Thanks Amy for helping me.