Difference between "participate" and "engage in"

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PLZ Can anyone answer me this (What is the difference between “participate” )and “engage in”?


These words can be synonyms, but not necessarliy have to be.
If I am egaged in reading I do not participate in anything. I just like to read. I do not have to be a part of a group (participate) I can read all by myself. Although, I might be a member of a book club and thus participate in meetings and other club functions.
If I am engaged in sports I might be a member of a team and participate in a competition.

engage in - to spend time doing
participate - to be a part of something, to take part in something.

Engaged - also means that if two people are engaged, they have formally agreed to get married.

She is engaged to someone who met at work…

Engage in something - also can bu used If you are taking part in something.

To be engaged to somebody and to be engaged in something do not mean the same.


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